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  • Kid’s Lion Halloween Makeup Tutorial [video]

    Bring out your child’s wild side. With just 30 minutes and some easily available face paint, you can make your child the king of the jungle this Halloween…

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  • Sexy and Chic Menswear-Inspired Styles

    There comes a time for the fashion forward gal to put away her tomboyish things: the worn to death denim, tees, and sneakers for every day. A love of androgynous dressing, however, can carry on long into the job market and dating scene. Tough tailoring, take-no-prisoners kicks and other menswear touches give the classic tomboy attitude a chic, grown up twist…

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  • How to Contour Like a Pro [video]

    Is the idea of applying contouring makeup scary to you? It doesn’t have to be. Watch Allure’s beauty basics makeup tutorial and get some simple tips from our experts on how to get supermodel-style cheekbones…

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